Our knowledge, experience and expertise in water and wastewater engineering is second to none and drives the success of all our projects. We are delivering world-class water services to our clients and their customers, while offering affordable and innovative solutions.

Why Murphy?

Murphy has been a crucial delivery partner for well-known water companies for many years. Our work throughout the asset management programme (AMP) cycles has cemented our reputation as a reliable and agile contractor. Now we have our own process engineering expertise, we have a growing pool of resources to deliver a range of projects effectively from start to finish. This includes our own laboratory in Ireland, where we carry out water quality testing and treatment.

We pride ourselves on early contractor involvement and can offer a full and comprehensive service through in-house design, construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance.

We specialise in water and wastewater treatment plants, reservoirs, pumping stations, tunnelling, pipelines and networks, and water main construction and renovation.


As a provider of intelligent and efficient solutions for the water sector, we support clients that include Irish Water, Northern Ireland Water, South East Water, Severn Trent Water, United Utilities and Affinity Water.

We work on current AMP6 frameworks for clients such as SES Water, Bristol Water and Thames Water on water resilience programmes, leakage reduction, network maintenance, trunk main renovation, mains renewals and lead pipe replacement programmes.

Working Together

We also offer services that complement our full range of water sector capabilities, such as flood alleviation, tunnelling, pipelines and piling. We also work alongside strategic partners in several joint ventures and alliances, such as AMK, KMI+, Optimise, Thames Water Infrastructure Alliance (IA) and eight2O.

Working alongside other specialists means we offer total, joined-up solutions that meet the most exacting delivery strategy.

Murphy is a member of British Water, Future Water Association, and The Pipeline Industries Guild.

Find out more about our full range of capabilities.

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