Murphy working with engineers of the future

Murphy recently teamed up with Blessed Trinity RC College in Burnley to offer Year 9 students studying Design, Engineer, Construct (DEC) an introductory lesson in surveying.

Two classes, each two hours in length, introduced students to engineering equipment and construction techniques through an outdoor workshop session. The students were able to get hands-on with equipment including a dumpy level, rotating laser, total station and handheld GPS technology. In small teams, they attempted to complete set tasks on each piece of equipment,

The school approached Murphy to ask if anybody would be able to assist with the DEC curriculum and members of the team in North-West, working nearby, were more than happy to help. Murphy graduates and young engineers Daniel Collins, Karim Sahibzada, Maria Potter, Cameron Pointer and Ian Mushrow were heavily involved in planning the day and delivered all of the workshop sessions.

Students get to work on the tasks set by the Murphy graduates and engineers

Stuart Witts, Murphy engineering manager said: “It was great to be able to support the school. The students engaged really positively during the workshop and enjoyed trying out the surveying equipment. The insightful questions showed that they were really thinking about the principles involved and how to build things in practice.

"It wasn’t just the students who benefitted from the day. The Murphy graduates and engineers got the chance to develop their communication and leadership skills through delivering the workshop for the students.”

DEC is a new qualification that offers students the opportunity to explore construction and the built environment. It is a subject of increasing importance given the scale of growth in the industry and the need to engage more potential engineers and skilled workers of the future.

This is not only important for clients and their customers but also for contractors like Murphy who will benefit from the earlier education given to their future workforce.

Eamon Robinson, DEC Course Leader: “Thanks a million for the help, time and support. Some of my form class were still talking about it the day after. It was great that they all seemed engaged and genuinely interested throughout.”

Students learning the basics of surveying

The day was a great success and Murphy staff were thrilled to be able to provide a practical learning session for the students.

Murphy are currently working on a range of multi-million pound framework contracts in the North West for large clients such as Network Rail. Murphy have partnered with Blessed Trinity school for several years in order to provide them with a variety of support and learning opportunities for the students.

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