Hunt for ‘moped mugger’ van saviours leads to discovery of another hero

Eighties singing sensation Bonnie Tyler once asked where all the good men have gone in ‘Holding out for a hero’ and finally, we have an answer – they’re all at Murphy!

Following reports in the Evening Standard of two Murphy employees helping save a woman getting ‘moped mugged’ recently, Murphy’s marketing and communications team went on the hunt to find out who the mystery heroes were.

But instead of finding the two workers who helped 38-year-old Lynne Tanswell in Walthamstow at the end of August, we actually discovered another slightly reluctant hero.

Lynne was trying to flee two thieves on a moped on Forest Road in Walthamstow when the driver mounted the pavement, trapping her behind a row of safety barriers. As the youths made an attempt to grab her mobile phone, the mother-of-two managed to get past them and the safety barriers, banging on a passing Murphy van for help.

The two Murphy employees immediately helped Lynne into the van before driving her to safety.

Working with Murphy’s plant team to track vehicle movements on the day of the incident and find vans in the area, one employee identified as being in the area – and therefore our possible mystery man – was back-up driver Alex Masurier. His vehicle was tracked near the Forest Road at the time of the incident and when he was contacted he confirmed that he had, indeed, intervened in an attempted moped theft.

However, on further investigation it emerged that the incident Alex intervened in happened on Tufnell Park Road in Camden, minutes away from Murphy’s Kentish town office, over a month ago.

Alex Masurier, Murphy back-up driver

Alex said: “I saw two young guys driving erratically on a moped in my wing mirror. They mounted the curb, grabbing a lady’s phone, looked at it briefly and threw it up in the air.”

Alex explained how the moped drivers then targeted another woman walking alone ahead. As they drove towards her he yelled at her to put her phone away as they approached. She quickly put her phone inside her pocket but the moped driver lined up to drive at her again.

“I started yelling at him and they sped off,” said Alex. “I then called the police and went to make sure the two ladies were okay – there was a bit of a crowd by then. You just think that it could have been your mother.”

The humble hero said it was ‘no big deal’ but conceded that many other drivers had continue to drive on at the time.

Mike Carpenter, Murphy Plant’s director, said: “I’m so thankful that there are people like Alex driving our vans, his spirit captures all that makes me proud to work alongside my colleagues at Murphy.”

The hunt is still on for the two heroes who helped teacher Lynne escape the moped muggers in Walthamstow.

Were you in the van on the Forest Road on Thursday 31 August at 10am? Do you know who our heroes are? Get in touch if you can help us find Murphy’s heroes by emailing Emma Best –

Posted Monday, September 11, 2017 by Emma Best

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